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Specialty service

Safety first is a leader at Firefighting, Inspection, Facility management, Calibration, verification and Certification Company.

SFC Manages to provide a Variety of extra services to our clients where we can provide with fully integrated services portfolio, Our integrated services enable clients to focus on their core business as we support their objectives by combining the full range of support services under the umbrella of a single contract.


This extra services include the following:

  • ➢ Front desk receptionists.
  • ➢ Moving and Handling.
  • ➢ Storage Management.
  • ➢ Office Supplies.
  • ➢ Event Management.
  • ➢ Photocopying, shredding, messenger services.
  • ➢ Pantry and buffet support.
  • ➢ Mail room services and archiving.
  • ➢ Catering services.