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Pest control equipment

Safety first is a leader at Firefighting, Inspection, Facility management, Calibration, verification and Certification Company.

As Egypt’s leading provider of pest control, licensed by the Ministry of Health in Egypt, our calibers have the expertise to protect our clients from pest problems. An infestation can be very distressing and disruptive, so we believe in pest prevention and not just cure. Our consultative approach means we can design solutions that fit your business needs rather than using a one-fits-all approach.

Our pest control people have many years’ experience and technical knowledge of insect and animal species’ behavioral patterns and infestation rates. Our services and products range can offer specialist pest control management solutions across all sectors. The infestation of insect pests and rodents is becoming much more widespread. Our experienced people will inspect, fumigate, and vent every location.


Pest control Services:

  • ➢ Crawling Insects (Ants, Cockroashes).
  • ➢ Flying Insects (Flies, Mosquitos, Larval insects).
  • ➢ Rodents (Mouses, Rats).
  • ➢ Straying Animals (Cats,Dogs, Foxes, Weasels).
  • ➢ Snake Control.
  • ➢ Scorpions Control.
  • ➢ Lizards Control.
  • ➢ Snakes Control.